Damien Wall



Damien Wall

Damien brings the charm of Ireland to the vibrant community of Westfield, NJ. With decades of experience rooted in the construction industry, Damien seamlessly bridges his expertise in building with his passion for helping families find their dream homes.

Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, Damien developed a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail from an early age. His journey in the construction industry began as a young man, where he honed his skills under the tutelage of seasoned professionals. With dedication and hard work, Damien quickly rose through the ranks, earning a reputation for his integrity, reliability, and commitment to excellence.

Twenty years ago, Damien and his family embarked on a new chapter, planting their roots in the welcoming community of Westfield, NJ. Since then, Damien has not only witnessed the evolution of the local Real Estate market but has also played an integral role in shaping it. His intimate knowledge of the area, combined with his keen understanding of construction dynamics, equips him with a unique advantage in the competitive Real Estate landscape.

As a devoted husband and father of three, Damien understands the importance of finding a place to call home-a place where memories are made and dreams are realized. Damien is committed to guiding his clients every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and rewarding Real Estate experience.

When he's not busy matching clients with their perfect properties, Damien can be found exploring the vibrant streets of Westfield with his family, enjoying the local restaurants, or cheering on his son's basketball teams. With Damien Wall by your side, your real estate journey is not just a transaction-it's a celebration of finding your place in the world.

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